I have included penultimate versions of published work and full drafts. Papers in preparation are not available, but contact me with any questions about them. 


1. "God Meets Satan's Apple," Philosophical Studies. Forthcoming. Download.

2. (with Eddy Keming Chen) "Surreal Decisions," Philosophy and Phenomenological Research. Download.

3. (with Peter Vallentyne) "Infinity in Ethics." Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Recent Revision.

4. (with Eddy Keming Chen) "Great Expectations: Introducing Surreal Decision Theory." Proceedingsof the 5th International Workshop on Logic, Rationality, and Interaction (LORI-V), Springer-Verlag, 2015. Download.

5. "Libertarian Free Will and Circumstantial Moral Luck." Southwest Philosophical Studies 35, 57-64. 2013. Download.


Ideological Innocence. Download.

Modal Logic for Post-Modal Metaphysics. Download.

There Is No Best World. Download.

Molinism's Self-Undermining Problem. Download.

(with Nevin Climenhaga) Molinism: Explaining Our Freedom Away. Download.

In Preparation

Presentist Counterpart Theory.

Logic and the Open Future.

Death's Shadow Lightened.

(with Eddy Keming Chen) Surreal Decisions II. 

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