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I have included penultimate versions of published work and full drafts when available. Papers in preparation are not available, but contact me with any questions about them. 


  • (with Eddy Keming Chen) "Evil and the Quantum Multiverse," Australasian Journal of Philosophy. Forthcoming.  Download

  • "In Defense of Qua-Christology," Religious Studies. 2024. Download

  • "Intrinsically Good, God Created Them," Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Religion. 2024. Download

  • "Another Model of the Open Future," International Journal of Philosophy of Religion. 2024. Download

  • "Against the New Logical Argument from Evil," Religions. 2023. Download

  • "Ideological Innocence," Synthese. 2022. Download

  • (with Nevin Climenhaga) "Molinism: Explaining Our Freedom Away," Mind. 2022. Download.

  • "Death's Shadow Lightened." Non-being: New Essays in the Metaphysics of Nonexistence. Sara Bernstein and Tyron Goldschmidt, eds. Oxford: OUP. 2021. Download.

  • "In Defense of No Best World," Australasian Journal of Philosophy. 2020. Download.

  • (with Eddy Keming Chen) "Surreal Decisions," Philosophy and Phenomenological Research. 2020. Download.

  • "God Meets Satan's Apple," Philosophical Studies. 2018. Download.

  • (with Peter Vallentyne) "Infinity in Ethics." Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Recent Revision.

  • (with Eddy Keming Chen) "Great Expectations: Introducing Surreal Decision Theory." Proceedingsof the 5th International Workshop on Logic, Rationality, and Interaction (LORI-V), Springer-Verlag, 2015. Download.

  • "Libertarian Free Will and Circumstantial Moral Luck." Southwest Philosophical Studies 35, 57-64. 2013. Download.


  • Review of Alexander Pruss, Infinity, Causation, and Paradox. Philosophical Review. 2021.

  •  Review of Jeffrey Koperski, Divine Action, Determinism, and the Laws of Naure. Faith and Philosophy. 2021. 


  • The Argument from Addition for No Best World.

  • Dying in the Light of Eternity. Download

  • Presentist Counterpart Theory. Download.

  • Molinism's Self-Undermining Problem. Download.

In Preparation

  • The Trivalent Open Future: Answering Prior's Dilemma.

  • Ontic Overproduction.

  • Anselm's Other Theistic Proof.

  • Small Probabilities: When and How to Ignore Them.

  • Countable Sure-Thing vs. The Axiological Principal Principle.

  • (with Irem Kurtsel) Wholly Hole-y Holy.

  • (with Eddy Keming Chen) Surreal Decisions II. 

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